Chapter Six: The Chief Medical Mishap

What Dawn had expected to find in the laboratory was vastly different than what she saw when she arrived. High, vaulted windows gave the room plenty of light, and the walls had been cleared of anything that was not needed for a physician's work. There were the cots, just as she had seen in the … Continue reading Chapter Six: The Chief Medical Mishap


Chapter Five: Sleeping

Dawn returned to the hall for her lessons hungry, grumpy, and tired. She spent the better part of the hour she had allotted for lunch searching every concealed nook and abandoned cranny for Eryn, but it was to no avail. As she scoured the castle, Dawn remembered things she and Eryn had done as children … Continue reading Chapter Five: Sleeping

Chapter Four: Lessons and Lockdowns

The Princess' fall had attracted the attention of the lively little village. Many shop keepers and their patrons smiled and waved to the carriage as it passed, well-wishing its happy inhabitants. Dawn and Mel paid little mind to anything but their own bubbling conversation. Mel had just finished telling the Princess all about a physician's … Continue reading Chapter Four: Lessons and Lockdowns

Chapter Three: The Baker Shop Bandage

Dawn stirred to a collection of voices whispering above her. “She'll be fine, just a little more rest...” “I can't believe I let her behind me, what is wrong with-” “A mistake anyone would make, honestly-” “The rules, Emery! I made them!” “You heard the physician, m'lady. Dawn will be-” “But if I had just … Continue reading Chapter Three: The Baker Shop Bandage

Chapter One: The Iron Door

Snow whirled in icy spirals around the short hooded figure silently tromping through the white carpeted forest he called home. Winter had turned the normally dense green landscape, full of life and sunlight, into a steely gray wasteland. The man carefully stepped over a fallen log, stopping for a moment to free his cloak from … Continue reading Chapter One: The Iron Door