Chapter Thirteen: Mother Knows Best

13 Mother Knows Best “Clear the way!” Dawn hollered, running ahead of Lord Felmont and the floating body of Sir Yldris. The chill of the outside air still clung to her through her soggy clothes as she made her way across the castle threshold. “What's all this?” Sir Emery shouted as the Princess went barreling … Continue reading Chapter Thirteen: Mother Knows Best


Chapter Twelve: Eryn’s Eyes

Eryn finished scrubbing the last block of flagstone and rose, wiping the beading sweat from her brow. She had been up since long before the sun had risen, diligently cleaning one of the more spacious guest rooms from top to bottom in preparation for the arrival of its soon to be tenants, the Lord and … Continue reading Chapter Twelve: Eryn’s Eyes

Chapter Eleven: The Blizzard and the Smith

11 The Blizzard and the Smith The kitchen was not liver and mustard free, much to Dawn's chagrin, and she had to fend off several offers from her aged instructor before he would admit that she truly was uninterested. She devoured a sandwich of freshly baked bread and leftover ham and made to retreat from … Continue reading Chapter Eleven: The Blizzard and the Smith

Chapter Eight: Icy Intruder

Mel continued her praise of the Princess all through the passageways of the castle, only stopping to lower her voice when a very irritable woman appeared from a closed room in her nightgown, shouting something about 'wicked children' and how, back in her day, she would never have dreamed of bellowing through the castle in … Continue reading Chapter Eight: Icy Intruder